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Aubreyan by Lazette Gifford

Review by Jojo

Aubreyan is the first book in Lazette’s eight book series The Dark Staff. The world set up is intriguing--make that worlds set up, because we’ll be world hopping--and the first book was very entertaining.

Aubreyan, the son of a barbarian warlord serving the Kiya, a staff that gives him power, keeps Aubreyan and his mother enclosed in a tower for all of his childhood. His teens are spent being brutalized by his father and his men, until a new army comes and overpowers Altazar. The leader of this army is half human, half demon, and we soon learn...interesting... things about Abby’s parentage.

This book leads us over part of the world, and we meet all sorts of magical beings, from trolls to elves, pegasi to dragons to gargoyles. It’s an interesting balance of mundane and magical, with enchanted objects, with very likable characters.

Aubreyan is a short book--271 pages--and it’s an e-book (available at Double Dragon Press) but the plus side is it’s cheaper than print books. $4.99 USD, and the company accepts checks as well as credit.

I strongly recommend you check out some of Lazette’s stuff. She’s good. Very good. I wish she were in print.

Four out of five amulets.

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