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Don't Go Home For the Holidays by Lazette Gifford

Review by Jojo

Donít Go Home For the Holidays is an e-book available for free, written by Lazette Gifford. Itís the story -- or, actually, a bunch of stories, actually -- about Morning Glory and Morning Star Sangre, agents for a company known (to those few that actually know *of* it) as FUTURE. What we, the readers, know going into the book, and what the Sangre sisters do not, is that FUTURE is not a quasi-secret UN agency. Itís a quasi-secret alien agency -- and that Earth is under threat by a race of ultra-aggressive, ultra-conquering race of aliens known as the Vans.

Morning Glory and Morning Star are a hoot to read, as we follow them from one crazy predicament to the next. They are cool, smart, resourceful -- and insane. I half suspect that they live through each adventure simply because even Death wants nothing to do with them!

Ms. Giffordís stories are ones Iíve enjoyed for quite some time (many are available for free at her site) and this book was no exception. I look forward to gobbling up her booklist. :)

Four out of five amulets.

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