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A Master of Many Treasures by Mary Brown

Review by Jojo

There are minor spoilers for Pigs Don't Fly because this is the sequel and I don't know how to not give any spoilers for it. :o(

The Characters
In this book there is a resurgance of minor characters we met up with in PDF, but as far as mains go, the only two that remain the same are, of course, Summer, and Growch. In the way of Mary Brown, we will, undoubtly, met up with various animals in need of aid on the way, though I don't feel it's as involving as it had been in the previous two books, though the plus is that we met Ky-Lin. Ky-Lin is... an interesting... creature? Aside from him, this was my least favorite bunch of animal companions thus far.

The World
MMT takes place nearly immediately after PDF, therefore the world is the same, the time is the same...

The Plot
A continuation of PDF, Summer is searching for a mate to settle down with. Unlike PDF, Summer has a specific... er, person in mind this time and she goes off searching for him. Interesting things happen along the way. Don't they always?

The Grade
Out of all of the Mary Brown books that tie together (four of out of five) this was my least favorite. The animal companions were.. secondary and not all that convincing. Most of them seemed as though they were put there, not because they added to the plot, but rather because it was what Mary Brown did. Admittedly, Ky-Lin was an interesting additon. The story was good, though it didn't live up to the previous two, and the ending... Well, you'll see. ;o) However, I do really love Mary Brown's work, and therefore I'll give this a 3.5 out of 5 amulets. Better than decent, better than mediocre, but not as good as TUO or PDF.

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