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Memory of Fire, book one of the World Gate series by Holly Lisle

Review by Jojo

Memory of Fire is a contemporary/cross-over fantasy that starts in modern US, in a small town in North Carolina. A young mother, fairly recently widowed, returns to the town she was born in for the first time since her parents death long ago. Before sheís even settled in to her old home odd things begin to happen, awakening vague memories within her that both scares and intrigues her....

Another young woman is taken from her trailer home in the night, captured by people that donít speak exactly right, donít look exactly right, and insist on calling her something she is not....

From the very first chapter, Memory of Fire draws you in with realistic characters and a fast pace. Even had the book lacked that, the premises of the magic system alone would have been enough to keep me hooked.

This is only the third Holly Lisle book Iíve read - the other two being Minevra Wakes and Sympathy For the Devil. Both of those were older works, and while entertaining, not nearly as gripping as Memory of Fire. Any fan of contemporary/cross-over fantasy should check this one out.

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