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Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett

Review by Jojo

The Characters
Oh, gods, where do I begin? This book is riddled with characters, and, in fact, you are given a list of characters at the very beginning. I debated copying that for this review, but decided that I wouldn't. Too many and it's too much fun just reading that. So, instead, you get a minor list of the characters that make the most appearances. We have Aziraphale, who is an angel that resides on Earth, instilling goodness where and when he can. We have Crowly who is a fallen angel that resides on Earth, instilling evil where and when he can. These two have been on Earth since The Beginning and get along better with each other than they do with their Superiors. We have the four...erm... bikers of the Apocalypse ~ War, Death, Famine and Pollution (not to be confused with Pestilence. You'll learn later on why). We have Anathema Device, who is an Occultist, not a witch) and Newt Pulsifer, who is a Witch Hunter. We have Adam Young who is the Antichrist. And a slew of others...

The World
Earth, recent past or immediate future. They don't give us a date, rather than the end of the millenium. My opinion says immediate future, but that whole arguement has bored me to tears so it doesn't matter. :o)

The Plot
D'uh. It's the End of the World! And I'm going to go with Clive Barker on this - it's never been funnier.

The Grade
Now, I didn't like the ending. But, I rarely ever like the endings, so I don't even count that into my factoring. This is the first humors book I've read in fantasy, and I did so at the urgings of many people. I was not disappointed. It was a light book, but that doesn't mean it was an easy read. You want to read it very carefully so that you may get all the jokes. And it's loaded with sarcastic and dry wit. Important: Read. All. Footnotes. You have to. Yes, it slows you down and it interrupts the story. I don't care. That's irrelevent. You must read. All. Footnotes.

I give this one five out of five amulets. I have to. It's not my preferred sort of book to read but it was an absolute delight! Highly recommended.

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