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Pigs Don't Fly. . . but dragons do by Mary Brown

Review by Jojo

Pigs Don't Fly... but dragons do is Mary Brown's second book, set up similar to The Unlikely Ones though only related loosely to the previous book. You don't have had to have read The Unlikely Ones to read Pigs Don't Fly.

The Characters

The book is told in first person, narratored by a young girl, who is the daughter of the villages' whore. Things happen very early on and after Summer (the girl) is orphaned and ran out of town, she hits the road with only a small wealth of foreign currency and a strange ring left by her father to find a man and settle down. In the spirit of TUO, Summer meets up with various nonhuman people on the road in various needs of aid and, because she is a kindhearted girl, agrees to give them the help that they need. We meet Growch, a decidedly male dog of undisclosed breeding; Mistral, a horse far from home, Traveler, a pigeon with a wounded wing, Basher, an abused pet tortoise, Sir Gillman, a blinded knight (he's human :o) ) and, most extrodinary, Wimperling, a pig... with wings.

The World

The story is set on earth in what I think is either some point in the Middle Ages or the very early Renaissance Period. I'm under the impression that we start out in what is France, but I'm not sure. It's in Europe somewhere.

The Plot

When Summer leaves her village all she wanted to do was to find a husband and settle down. It isn't long before she meets up with Mistral, a horse that is tangled up in a briar bush in desperate need of help. Thinking that once Mistral is take care of she can continue on her way, Summer untangles her and agree to be traveling companions. Of course, we meet up with more charity cases as we go, and since Summer has such a kind heart, her task grows.

The book follows pretty much the same formula as the Unlikely Ones, and where that one was a wonderfully refreshing find, this was less so. I imagine that, should this have been my first Mary Brown book I would have felt for it all that I do for TUO.

The one thing that stands out, that is not in TUO, is Wimperling ~ our dear pig with wings. He grows unbelievably large during the tale ~ the unbelievable part is only that Summer didn't seem to notice. He, I think, makes the book.

The Grade

I'm going to give it four out of five amulets. I really adore Mary Brown's work. I can't quite put a finger on what it is that makes them so refreshing. There's just something about them. The plot is not overly original, especially after TUO, but the characters pick up the slack. As with TUO, this is a personal growth adventure, rather than a global-scale adventure.

If you've read TUO and liked it, you'd probably like this one. If you haven't read TUO, you'll probably like it more. :o)

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