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Poseidon's Kiss by Gail Crease

Review by Jojo

The first light fiction I've read in a while, Poseidon's Kiss by Gail Crease, is a mythic/paranormal romance that features figures of Greek myth. (Can I get a "duh Jojo!"?) It's also a book that, as soon as I saw the title, shouted MINE! So, I bought it.

The premise is simple enough--a hundred years earlier a woman is saved from drowning, but in doing so, is asked a promise from her savior. A promise *she* fully intended to fulfill, but her life passes without her being called upon to honor it.

Fast forward to the present day, and the promise, made by an ancestor to a son of Poseidon (would have been better with Poseidon as the main romantic interest, but hey. I'm biased.) Nikodemus, needs to be honored--by a woman who barely knows the story of her great-great-grandmother.

Needless to say, I loved this book. I had some issues-- all the references to God (not from the mortal woman, but by the Nereids and by Niko... it just jarred me out of the story for, in his thought process, to see "By God..." Sweetie? Which one? You? Your dad? His kin?) as well as one ill-put "By Jupiter!" oath early on. (Wrong pantheon, anyone?)

I had a number of knee-jerk reactions to how Poseidon was depicted--though, it was true to myths, so I can't complain *too* much (I did mention biased, right?) and I alternated between giggling like a school girl whenever he was mentioned, or crying. (There were some profound and touching depictations of him, esp. in a painting described early on.) But, I loved this book.

Even if I didn't give her leave to write about MY Poseidon... *cough*

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