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Prophecy: Child of Earth by Elizabeth Hayson

Review by Jojo

How do you not put spoilers for the second book?

Prophecy: Child of Earth is the follow-up book in new-time writer Elizabeth Haydon's remarkable debut trilogy. This trilogy is super special because the time period of its release is six months between books, rather than the common year, or more, wait. :o)

The Characters
In this book we see, once again, Rhapsody, a Namer from the Island of Sedenir, a cross-breed between a human father and a Liringlas mother (Lirin would be, I believe, their elven equivalent, and the Liringlas would be the 'Sky' lirin.). We are reunited with Grunthor, a half-Bolg crossbreed who has got to be one of my favorite fantasy characters ever, and Achmend, a half-Dhracian who is hideously ugly but (and though he'll never admit it) very good on the inside. These three started out as the main characters in the first book and continue to have the bulk of the focus in this one. Along the way we learn more about Ashe, Llauron, and others. We meet Elysynos, a dragon, the Grandmother, a full-blooded Dhracian, and Oelendra, a very important person for Rhaps to interact with. We brush up with familiar faces and meet a good deal of lovely new ones, but make no mistake: Rhaps, Achmed, and Grunthor are the important ones.

The World
To look at the map, it is set up vaguely similar to earth. Less continents. This entire book takes place on just one continent and spans eight or nine countries. The advancement of this world... I'd put it in the 1600/1700 range. Magic is made use of, of course, and there are advancement that our world did not have at that time. Also, there is the knowledge that some technology has been lost, due to war.

The Plot
Rhapsody wrapped up fairly well. Our trio had a major objective, and eventually, they succeeded. I was curious to see where this book would lead, because, while I saw plenty of openings, I wasn't sure which path it would take. I was not disappointed. We are in a time of civil unrest, with the F'dor (bad fire-etheric demons that exist only to destroy) wrecking havoc everywhere, and our Trio knows that they are going to have to clean the world up.

The Grade
I thought this was a wonderful follow-up book. It was quicker paced, I think, than the first, and while I adored the first, this was an improvement. I especially liked where the plot has started to lead. Serious things are going to start happening; we're getting down to the meat of the story. Elizabeth weaves a wonderful tale that ties my emotions firmly in the book. She's one of a few that can pull me into the story right off the bat. In the time since I had read the first book I had forgotten how Rhapsody tended to... not irritate (and I'm talking the character, not the book.) She's incredibly stubborn, almost to a fault, and won't see bad in anyone. Or, rather, refuses to accept that there isn't good in everyone. Considering what she's faced... I want to rattle her teeth. But it's not a bad reaction; that's who she is and I accept that. She's still a great person, and she makes a great hero.

So... I'm going to give this 4.5 out of 5. Very enjoyable. Elizabeth retains her place next to J.V. Jones' on my list. Very good. Highly recommended.

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