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Seven Wild Sisters by Charles De Lint (artwork by Charles Vess)

Review by Jojo

Minor Spoilers

Seven Wild Sisters is set (sort of) in De Lintís Newford world, though not actually within the city of Newford proper. It is the unlikely story of the seven Dillard girls - Adie, the older twins Laurel and Bess, Sarah Jane, Elsie, and the younger twins Grace and Ruth - and Aunt Lillian, an elder neighbor and keeper of local lore. Each of the girls have a passion of their own - for Adie itís boys, Laurel and Bess have music, Elsie has art, and Grace and Ruth are practical jokers. Sarah Janeís passion is, well, the land and its stories, even if she doesnít truly believe the stories it has to tell.

Until, that is, she finds a twig man wounded in the woods and brings him to Aunt Lillian so that they can help him.

This one act of kindness draws Sarah Jane and all of her unsuspecting sisters into the middle of a feud between the creatures of the forest, where every word must be carefully considered, and every motion executed as if life itself depending upon it.

Which, in fact, it does.

Topping out at one hundred and fifty pages, Seven Wild Sisters is a very quick read, but it is a delight the whole way through. As always, it was nice to visit the Newford environs, and to see all the fae folk that inhabit the world. Two years of waiting for this book to be done was well worth it.

Adding to the treat of the story was the wonderful artwork of Charles Vess, whose work can be seen in the illustrated edition of Stardust, as well as other places.

SWS is a must have for any fan of De Lintís work. Amulet rating - 5.0 I will definitely be reading this again.

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