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The Charwoman's Shadow by Lord Dunsany

Review by Jojo

I really, really wanted to like this book. Lord Dunsany is hailed as a grandfather of modern fantasy, and his King Of Elflandís Daughter is well-recommended by many authors. However.....

This book bored me to tears. The premises is: the main character is to go to the local magician to learn the Black Arts, so that he can learn to make gold and fill up his sisterís dowry. In the process, he meets the Charwoman, who has no shadow, and she cautions him to not pay the price for that lesson (giving up ones shadow).

Even keeping the time period and writing style of said time period, this book drove me mad. I donít mind wordy-ness. I donít mind characters that arenít very real. And Iím sure others might find it interesting, but... not me. The location (weíre in Spain) is one Iím not even remotely interested in. I did like the Western Occult feel of the book, though.

Iím hoping KOED is better. 2 amulets.

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