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The Dragonne's Eg by Mary Brown

Review by Jojo

The Characters
The narrator for this book is Sophie, an orphaned-not-so-long-ago young woman who is ekking out a living as a teacher in a poor house school in a Dickonsian London Slum. We have three more human companions (a young child from her school that sneaks away to go with her, a law-clerk, and a would-be adventurer. Ky-Lin makes an appearance, and we are joined with along the way with a beautiful, charming cat who grew to be one of my favorite animal characters out of all of the Brown books. Sophie is most certainly my favorite of the three narrators that we've had.

The World
As mentioned before, this is set in 'Dickensian' England. In this, I think, it is vastly different than the previous three books. The world is much more explored, much more... stable?... and the traveling that is inevitable is less harsh.

The Plot
Out of the blue, Sophie learns that, upon the death of an uncle she never met, she is left in his will. She is given an option: Take his estate, a rather remarkable amount of land, house, and a bit of money. She could even take the money and just walk. Or she could take up his Last Request, which would send her on a journey East to return a... dragon's egg from where her adventurer uncle had found it. He felt, before he died, that it must happen.

Of course Sophie chooses the latter.

The Grade
I realise I'm doing a horrible job with these reviews. It's been months since I've read this book, actually. :o) I read it before MMT, which is bad. Don't do that if you can help it.

This book was good. In my opinion it was on equal footing with TUO. The traveling is faster and easier, and we don't have that many animals to contend with, which brought the book down a bit, but it was good. I'd give it a four out of five. :o)

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