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The Forest Lord by Susan Krinard © 2002

Review by Jojo

Minor spoilers!

Ms. Krinardís latest book is set in England, in an undisclosed time period (19th century at the latest--there is reference to a war but which one isnít mentioned), and, like most of hers, has a paranormal twist.

Hartsmere is a dale protected by a pact made long ago between the Lord of the dale, and the Forest Lord: for the protection of the forest and its creatures against mankindís touch, the whole of Hartsmere would prosper. Break the pact, and the dale would suffer.

The pact is broken, and the current lord offers anything for the Forest Lord to stay his wrath. The Forest Lord picks the lordís daughter, Eden.

The story becomes, essentially, a Beauty and the Beast motif, but it doesnít go quite as expected. When Eden learns of her betrothed ďCorneliusíĒ true nature, she flees.

Susan Krinardís books generally have a strong plot, aside from the relationship of the hero and heroine, and Forest Lord is no exception. The characters are likable (or despicable, accordingly), the world textured, and the emotional stakes ones that garner empathy.

And, hey, thereís a human/inhuman relationship ;) Whatís not to love?

There was one twist, toward the end, that I neither suspected nor enjoyed--I found it to be a bit over the top. However, it did little to change my overall opinion of this book, and that is: wonderful!

4 out of 5 ;)

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