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The Wolf and the Raven, book one of Wotan’s Children trilogy by Diana L. Paxson

Review by Jojo

The Wolf and the Raven is the first book in Diana’s retelling of Sigfrid and Brunhilde, taken from the Volsung Saga. Because of the heavy Germanic mythic and legendry ties, and because of the fact that it was a retelling (three things I love), I had high hopes for this book. Unfortunately, I found most of the book not to my liking.

I thoroughly enjoyed any parts where old One Eye made His appearances, as well as the parts that got into the Walkyruin training. However, I found most of Sigfrid’s parts annoying or boring, and the thought process behind many of the characters just made no sense.

T aking the time and cultural differences into consideration, I concede that such though processes *should* be a bit alien, but I found that easier to deal with in the original tale of Sigfrid and Brunhilde, than in this book. I really wanted to like this book, but as it was I could barely finish it.

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