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The Wreck of Heaven, book two of the World Gate series by Holly Lisle

Review by Jojo

Spoilers for Memory of Fire

The Wreck of Heaven picks up right where Memory of Fire leaves off, with the mysterious return of Molly, back from death, and the rebuilding of the Sentinels in Catís Creek. The mystery of deputy Peteís past builds, but before we can learn much of him, Lauren is notified that Molly lives. She returns to Oria with her son, leaving the Sentinels without their gateweaver, and gets to the business of saving the worlds.

Things arenít so easy as all that, however, because Molly has come back... changed. The rrŰn are seeking out Molly relentlessly, and they recruit an old and legendry member of their kind to get her, and not even Lauren can save her sister this time....

Or can she?

The Wreck of Heaven was a wonderful sequel that lived up to the first book. I still find that Lauren grates on my nerves, but as long as I donít have to know her in real life I can deal with that.

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