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A Shadow on the Glass by Ian Irvine, part I (and only, as far as i'm concerned) of A View From the Mirror

Review by julival

As posted at Amazon.com:

This first book in a fantasy series was a huge disappointment. Chapter one sets a wonderful tone with a Great Tale told by one of the main characters, Llian the master chronicler. It is well written, paints a picture of an interesting history and provides a basis for some great plotlines. Then comes chapter two. From there on out with the exception of another Tale here and there - the reader is subjected to inept villains, inept heroes, and inept writing.

Irvine uses a confusing and chaotic jumble of points of view throughout the story which are distracting and slow the reader due to a constant need to backtrack and figure out who thought what. His plotting is non-existent. The story jumps from one miserable journey and/or chase to the next with a series of miraculous (well beyond normal fantasy miracles) escapes by the bumbling main characters.

It is astonishing that the same person who writes the lovely Tales that are scattered too few and far between in the book could write such a pitiful work around them. Some of the characters show promise but are never fleshed out to any satisfaction. The sentences are choppy, character interactions stilted, and the entire book was a chore to read.

I would have put it down after the first 100 pages had it not been chosen as a selection by my book club. And Im normally a reader who sticks books out to the bitter end. And believe me, the end was bitter.

Julie Miller, official fantasy freak.

Additional comments not posted at amazon.com:

BLECH. What an irritating ending!

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