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Sabriel by Garth Nix

Review by Liara

The World:
In Ancelstierre, technology holds sway, and is entering the era of electric lighting and automobiles. To the North, across the Wall, is the Old Kingdom, where good and evil magics battle for control of the land.

The Plot:
Sabriel's father Abhorsen is a necromancer, but a good one; where other necromancers raise the Dead to do evil deeds, he returns them to Death where they belong. But Sabriel has grown up in Ancelstierre, away from her father's teachings. When he sends her an urgent message from within Death itself, she must travel into the Old Kingdom to help him, without knowing its ways and its dangers.

The Characters:
There's Sabriel, of course, who makes a courageous and likeable heroine. At first I was afraid she would be too omnipotent to be realistic, but this was not the case. She was just right for her role. Her companions are Mogget, a cat who is not a cat, and Touchstone, a young man haunted by memories of his past. They do their jobs well, but it's Sabriel who is really the interesting one.

I enjoyed this book, especially the magic parts. It was fun to find things out as Sabriel did. I think it could have had some more humorous parts, though I realize the subject was a bit serious. Maybe that's why it didn't seem like a YA book like it's labeled as. Not that a kid couldn't read it, it just didn't have that tone. Overall, it was a good book, and my only complaint is that a couple small things didn't get enough explanation. But there was nothing to make it a great book, so it gets 4 amulets.

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