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The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas

Review by Liara

The World
Early 19th-century France, the Napoleonic Era.

The Plot
Edmond Dantès is a lucky young man. He's just been promoted to captain of his ship and is engaged to marry the beautiful woman he loves. But then he is caught, unsuspectingly, with an incrimiating letter. His rivals, jealous of his good fortune, conspire to have him thrown in a dungeon to rot away. The rest of the book details his escape from the dungeon and his quest for vengeance. It gets very complicated due to all the interacting threads of who is plotting for, with, or against who. But everything moves along quickly...I'd almost describe it as a page-turner.

That Other Stuff *g*
Some of the events seem a little too miraculous for their own good, but if you can stay within the frame of the story they seem plausible. Most of the characters are rather predictable: the good guys are noble and brave and whatnot and the bad guys are slimy, dishonest and just generally dislikable. However, they do the job, and rather entertainingly too. The book is loaded with archetypes, symbolism, and motifs (can you tell this was one I read for English? *lol*) that make it even more interesting. One thing I especially liked was the mystery element. I never really figured out who had done what before I was told, but it was fun to try. Overall it was a very good read, and I give it 4 out of 5 amulets.


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