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The Heralds of Valdemar by Mercedes Lackey

Review by Liara

This is quite an extensive series of books spanning hundreds of years in the history of the kingdom of Valdemar. Many of the books are divided into trilogies that focus on different time periods. It's not absolutely necessary to read them in order, but it does make a bit mroe sense if you start either with the first in the fictional chronology (found in the front of the books) or with the one Lackey wrote first (I think it's called Arrows of the Queen, but I'm not sure). I've read about half of the series, so I think I'm qualified to write a review.

I liked pretty much everything about these books. The plots, while sometimes a little clichéd and repetitive, are generally quite fast-paced and interesting. The characters are not terribly unique, but are also interesting and likable. What I enjoyed most about these books was the world. We are given a detailed history of Valdemar and its surrounding lands (bits at a time of course). And the whole series is chock full of unique peoples, creatures, and magics. I always like reading about fictional animals, but these are especially cool, since most of them are intelligent and can talk...or are telepathic. The magic is part standard magic, part telepathy, which I also liked.

I have a friend who calls these books "brain candy"...yummy and fun to eat, but not very nutritious. This is a pretty accurate description *lol*. Don't expect high-quality literature here, but they are great fun if you're just looking for some light reading.

I'll give it 4 out of 5 Amulets.


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