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Dragon by Steven Brust

Review by Mike

So I've managed to do some reading during the vacation, among other things Dragon. It was a bit confusing in the beginning, but then you understand pretty quickly how the story is set up, and it becomes an easy book to read. My impressions after finishing it was: good writer - solid story - likeable characters. I also have a soft spot for Brust's ironic style with a lot of banter between the characters.

The fantasy side of it all is pretty standard IMO. Magic does exist and seems to be widely used, there's several humanoid races I think (although not much is revealed about that) and we get some hints about lands of the dead and stuff like that. Sometimes the world seems medieval, and then almost modern at other times. For example there's no guns, but the hero has an office job (rather unusual though) with a secretary and various associates.

There's a lot of things that are left out, like how the politics and magic works, but that might be because it's a pre-quel and we are supposed to know this already. Also, throughout the book you have the feeling that this is only a minor adventure, and the "good stuff" will come later.

All in all, I would probably give this book three amulets out of five (thereby introducing the amulet scale, which I think fits FFF pretty well). I feel no overwhelming urge to read another Brust book right away, but it might be something I would do in the future.

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