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Mister Monday, book #1 of The Keys to the Kingdom by Garth Nix

Review by Mike 2004-03-09

Garth Nix starts a new contemporary fantasy series called The Keys to the Kingdom, aimed at the younger audience, with Mister Monday, which is to be continued by six more books, each of them dedicated to a special weekday.

Nix draws on some standard, winning fantasy concepts. A young boy of our world, Arthur Penhaligon, finds his first day at a new school more exciting than expected. Before the day is over he has almost died from an asthma attack, met beings from a magical realm, and acquired a key of immense powers. But there is more to come. Soon people around him start to fall sick in a plague, and slowly Arthur realizes that he is the only one that can save them. But how?

Mister Monday seemed like another Harry Potter rip-off in the beginning, but as I read on I found that Nix has created a world that was not quite like anything Iíve seen before. Itís imaginative, amusing, and mildly thought provoking. However, his writing does not flow well enough for you to suspend disbelief and become totally caught up in the story.

Still, Mister Monday was a fun, 3-amulet read. I will probably pick up the sequels when they become available at the library and Iím in the mood for some light entertainment.

The Keys to the Kingdom
Mister Monday (2003)
Grim Tuesday (2004)
Drowned Wednesday (forthcoming)
Sir Thursday (forthcoming)
Lady Friday (forthcoming)
Superior Saturday (forthcoming)
Lord Sunday (forthcoming)

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