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Son of Avonar, book #1 of The Bridge of D'Arnath by Carol Berg

Review by Mike 2004-02-12

Son of Avonar is the first installment in a new fantasy trilogy (The Bridge of D'Arnath) from Carol Berg. Even so, the story of the book does come to a conclusion. In this it reminds me of her Rai-kirah series, where each book did resolve the current plot line in a satisfactory manner.

This is the story about Seri, a noblewoman by birth, who has spent ten years living a hard life in exile from court. Now her life is once again about to turn upside down when her path is crossed by a mysterious stranger, who has lost both his memory and the ability to speak. Reluctantly Seri lets herself get involved in helping the stranger figure out who he is and why so many different people are chasing him. As the story unfolds Berg also takes us back a decade to fill us in on the events that caused Seriís banishment from court.

All in all this is a well written book with a fast paced plot and good characterisation. I was somewhat disappointed by how easy it was in many cases to predict who was going to turn out reliable and who was a traitor, but there were also twists to the plot that genuinely surprised me. It left me eager to read the next installment.

4 amulets.

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