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Tigana by Guy Gavriel Kay

Review by noire

Alle wanted me to review Guy Gavriel Kay's Tigana so here it goes. I should warn you all that I read it over a month ago so i'm a little rusty (i've read a lot of books so far this summer).

A small country made the fatal mistake of killing a Sorceror/Emperor's beloved youngest son in a war to defend their homeland from conquest. In retaliation he has smashed their towers, killed their men women and children, burned their books, destroyed their artwork, and lay a spell upon the land errasing the name of their land from the hearing of all not born within it's boarders before the spell was cast so that the natives may fully appreicate what has been stripped from them. A small band of men and women have launched a plot, setting their oppresor and the conqueror of the neighboring lands against each other in a daring attempt to free the whole peninsala and break the spell...

I really enjoyed reading Tigana. I Like GGK's writing style and was kept guessing till the last minute as to how the plot's twists and turns would right themselves. I cared about the characters (admittedly some more than others *s*) and could easily emphasize with their situations. Thanks, Mz Womack, for recomending it.

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