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New Spring by Robert Jordan

Review by Rhodric

I'll start with the cover: 2 man channelers out of 5. Usual sweet fare, but why is Moiraine wearing PJs?

The book itself can really be split into two parts. The first 210 pages or so are all new material that does not appear in any form in the Legends novella. At times I thought I might be reading The Eye of the World or Lord of Chaos - or at least that is where the enjoyment factor was. The second half of the book is pretty much the old New Spring, although it is a bit expanded with a few different PoVs. There's an abrupt shift between the two halfs it felt like and the second half wasn't quite as enjoyable as the first half but that didn't stop me from reading or anything. I know I'm biased but i think the work as a whole prolly should get 4 naive Cairehein's out of 5. Either that or 4 Malkieri princes out of 5. Yes, I like that.

So yes, new chapter icons, more white tower mojo than we've really seen in the books, and you get to see many of the main story Aes Sedai as silly accepted. So if thats interesting, pick it up, or steal a copy, or not - James already has a Porsche.

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