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Hour of the Dragon by Robert E. Howard

Review by Shrews

Robert E. Howard wrote one 75k Conan novel called Hour of the Dragon. I recommend finding this version in the used book shops, not the de Camp edited one called Conan the Conqueror.

Conan is king of Aquilonia and in his mid 40s when some evil folks in a far off land raise a sorcerer from the dead. The mummy's resurrection is worth the price of the book.

The epic war at the beginning is well written and this tome contains many snips familiar with Howard's Conan work. He sorta threw the kitchen sink at the project to create a complete novel.

Now, if you are seeking high literature, religious fulfillment and deep meaning to books, this isn't your cup of tea. But for high-heroic fantasy tales, told with a sledgehammer prose and fit for a great time, Hour of the Dragon cannot be beat.

Great heroes (flawed all) evil folks, political woes, wars, creepy cults, weird ceremonies, dire creatures and scantily clad women, yeah, this one has all that. Anyone wanting to find what Conan is really like should find this work.

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