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Moonlight and Vines by Charles de Lint

Review by smileyman

The short review:

I liked this book, but if you haven't become a fan of de Lint yet, I would start somewhere else.

The long review:

Fans of de Lint will like this collection of short stories. There seems to be a slight departure from de Lint's usual fare in Moonlight.

The tone is darker, and there isn't as much overt "magic", which isn't a bad thing. There are several strong stories, and some that need more developing. My general impression is that de Lint used this book as an excuse to do more philosphizing then he normally does.

What I liked most was the idea of writing stories from the viewpoint of some of the minor characters that we've met in past books, and introducing us to new characters. This aspect reminded me of Robert Asprin's collection Thieve's World.

Overall I'd give Moonlight and Vines three amulets out of five.


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