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An Echo In Time by Traci Harding

Review by SS

This is the sequel to The Anceint Future.

The world
Alternates between Dark Ages Britain (still sqeaky clean except for this plague that's suddenly hit exactly the people necessary and only them), Atlantis, and the modern day world....Britain and some islands somewhere.

The Characters
Well, there's Tory, of course, her son and the sons and daughters of the original caste. Apart from that, the same "soul minds" (orginal cast) are re-incarnated in each time and place which Tory visits, so while they have different names and aspects of personalities, their destinies are always exactly the same.

The Plot
The King is struck down by a mysterious plague and Tory goes to Ancient Atlantis to find the cure. She is also struggling to decide whether or not she should be with Miles, the 20th century incarnation of Miles.

Because only a fraction of this story takes place in Dark Ages England, there are blessedly few thee's, thou's, art's etc. This is good. Much much less annoying dialogue. However, Tory is becoming so super-powerful that you kind of know that she's not even going to come close to being killed off. While Harding does try to provide twists in the story, to me they come out slightly flat and predictable. And I'm still not sure why Tory went to Atlantis rather than modern Britain and just grabbing some penicillin. I still finished it in good time, though, so it is not boring, just a little unpolished, IMHO.

I give An Echo In Time 2.5 amulets. It gained an extra half-amulet for getting rid of the archaic language, but lost a half-amulet for copping out and repeating everyone's destiny over and over again through time. (Yes, this appears to be in integral part of the plot. It still bugs me, though!)

Worth a read if you're in a mood where you don't want to think.

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