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The Golden Fool, book #2 of The Tawny Man, by Robin Hobb

Review by SS

Spoilers for Fool's Errand!

Fitz has completed the task he set out to do – recovering the errant Prince Dutiful in time for his betrothal ceremony – but at the price of his wolf, Nighteyes. Fitz is drawn now even deeper into the turmoil of the court at Buckkeep. The Narcheska seems to be plotting betrayal, Dutiful needs a coterie when no Skillers can be found, Chade is determined to master Skilling, and Fitz is compelled to remain strictly in the role of Lord Golden’s manservant.

There is not as much action in this book as in Fool’s Errand. Instead it is more a study of relationships and a build-up of scenarios for the final book. I really admired the way which Hobb writes her characters. They are all given rational thoughts and purposes, and even if, at times, I felt like shaking some sense into them, I always felt that they were acting in character, and not just being dim-witted to further the intended plot-line. In particular, I thought the relationship between the Fool and Fitz was very well done.

A lot of suspense and speculation is set up in this book. A cameo from a Liveship character adds both amusement and intrigue. I feel I have to re-read all Hobb’s books now, to see whether I can work everything out before the third book. The huge number of things which are set up to be resolved does make me wonder whether there will be another trilogy after The Tawny Man is finished. It doesn’t seem to me like Hobb can finish the entire story arc in just one more book.

This book was just as wonderful as Fool’s Errand 4.5 out of 5 amulets.

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