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Prophecy by Elizabeth Haydon

Review by SS

Minor spoilers for Rhapsody

Prophecy continues with the stories of Rhapsody, Achmed and Grunthor. It also follows two other characters, introduced in Rhapsody: Jo, the tough street kid whom Rhapsody has adopted as a sister, and Ashe, who remains hidden from sight beneath a veil of mist.

It picks up pretty much straight where Rhapsody left off, with Ashe and Rhapsody heading out to return the dragon claw to Elynsynos. Many things are introduced, then left, in this book, such as Rhapsody’s relationship with the dragon Elynsynos and Tristan; the King of Roland etc. This gives hope the the coming books will continue in the same pattern, at the same pace. Other issues introduced in Rhapsody are concluded, rather than being left to hang, which is satsifying.

The main story in Prophecy is the plan of Rhapsody, Achmed and Grunthor to contain then exorcise the F’dor, the demonic spirit which has followed the Cymrians to this new time. As she learns more, Rhapsody is caught between her desire to help Ashe, and the fear that he is the host of the F’dor, seeking their ruin.

As with Rhapsody, this novel moves at at fluid pace. Apart from extended exposition in parts, there is nothing to drag at the pace. However, I did find that in places Rhapsody and her continued touchiness at strange times and occassional over-reactions was a bit much. I got to like Achmed a lot better, and surprisingly, even Jo.

I think that if you’ve already read and loved Rhapsody, then you’re going to read and love Prophecy anyway. This series has been one of the best I’ve read in awhile.

4 out of 5 amulets.

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