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Trader by Charles de Lint

Review by SS

I liked it. Better than "Someplace to be flying". Even though the two were very similiar. These are the only two DeLints I've read. I'm wondering if he's like Gemmell....brainless mush reading? Like, a standard three or four star plot repeated over and over and over. I thought "Trader" was pretty much like "StbF". Also, I found his language annoying to start with, because to me it feels kind of amateurish, like the writing of my Writing class. But as I got into the story I forgot about it more.

As with StbF, I didn't like the end. Having the endings take place in a spirit world rather than the real world feel like a cop-out. But I did like reading the characters, especially the waitresses. Nia annoyed me as did Lisa.

Nice, brain-free reading, though. Very very good for my current state *l*

3 out of 5.

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