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Daughter of the Blood by Anne Bishop

Review by Stormwalker

Anne Bishop's Daughter of the Blood is the first book in the acclaimed The Black Jewels Trilogy. This book is for older teens and young adults, as the subject matter is too graphic for younger readers. Teens and adults may enjoy this book. I don't recommend it often for those younger than 14. I was 13 when I read it, but most 13-year-olds aren't quite mature enough to truly enjoy this series. Exercise your discretion before purchasing.

The book follows the story of Witch and those who would help and hurt her. Witch, the legendary Queen who will force the corrupt Blood to abandon their perversions of the Darkness, is eagerly awaited by a few, disbelieved by the masses, and actively feared by some. However, at the start of the book, she's also seven years old. Those who are eager for her coming are the brothers Daemon Sadi and Lucivar Yaslana, and Saetan SaDiablo. Those who work against Witch are Dorothea and Hekatah SaDiablo, the High Priestess of Hayll and the High Priestess of Hell, respectively.

In the world of the Trilogy, there are three Realms: Hell, the Dark Realm, the realm of the demon-dead, the realm closest to the Darkness, the force which guides and birthed the Blood; Kaeleer, the Shadow Realm, home to a fierce, wild magic, next removed from the Darkness; and Terreille, the Realm of Light, the realm farthest from the Darkness, and the most corrupted Realm of them all. Terreille is home to Daemon, Lucivar, Dorothea, and Jaenelle, the girl who is Witch. Hell is the home of Saetan and Hekatah. We learn more about Kaeleer in the second book of the Trilogy.

The book spans five years, from the time Jaenelle is seven until she is twelve. In this time, she grows more and more aware of what she is: kindred but not kind, Blood and Other. Witch. This creates a chasm between herself and the rest of her world, one which she tries desperately to bridge. Her relatives know there is something “different” about her, and they are uneasy with that difference.

Jaenelle becomes friends with the three men who want to help her, and eludes the grasp of Dorothea and Hekatah. However, those two women aren’t the only ones out to hurt her. Will they succeed?

Anne Bishop has developed a world unlike any others, with characters that alternately make readers laugh, cry, and seethe. I rate this book with 4.7 out of 5 amulets.

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