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Into the Green by Charles De Lint

Review by Tai

Not much can be gathered about the world De Lint takes us to. Unlike his modern fantasy works, this world is definately not Earth and De Lint spends very little time describing it. Everything we learn about this world we learn through the characters experiences. From what I've gathered we have the normal kingdoms, merchants, townsfolk, tinkers, harpers and then the witches. Witches seem to be the only magic using people and it seems its not much used widely - used for things like talking to animals, healing, calling up some fire...but if you're a die-hard fan of magic used for explosions and bindings and stuff, you'll be disappointed.

Now the Characters. Not many to go through. We have the main character Angharad a Tinker/Harper/Witch, who you want to bash over the head a few times in the book for her obvious innocence. If I didn't feel De Lint trying to express her innocence of the world, I would have put the book down long ago and swore JV Jones wrote the book. We have Edrie Doonan who is an Inn Keeper, she doesn't have such a big role. We have a mysterious man named Lammond who's past and connection to the story remains a mystery until the very ends of the book. And then lastly - a drunken old soldier Tom, who's hardships of life have left a shell of a once forgotten man and who must now find redemption and forgiveness for himself.

Very classical myth storyline. A powerful artifact has been uncovered and loosed on the world. Angarad is sent on a quest to destroy it. This book is her journey.

De Lint is one of the easiest authors to read. His writing style flows, so much so that that you barely notice that you're reading at all. Truly, De Lint is a master storyteller - he doesn't write so much as tell a story that the reader is drawn into. The story itself is very simple, and I'm sure you and every other fantasy reader has seen the like elsewhere. Of course De Lint puts his own style on things and his own mark. You definitely won't be picking this book up for its straight and narrow plot. The only misgiving I had about it was Angharad's actions at some points. Okay Okay, she's innocent but don't make her stupid too...yes there is a difference. Anyways I found her annoying at some points but definitely not enough to put the book away. In conclusion, The book is very flowing, and I wouldn't be surprised if you finished it in one sitting. If you want a light and easy read for a plane trip or car ride..by all means pick it up.

3.8 Amulets

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