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The Runelords by David Farland

Review by Takan

Why the series is not finished yet, I have just finished the third book (in what looks to be a 4 book series) and have some time on my hands to write a review. While I'd say that Farland is a good writer, he has some definite problems. If I were reading this under any other author I'd assume that all the events that have happened in the 3 books had occured over the course of years, but Farland had made everything miraculously happen in less than 3 weeks! He tries to address a few chapters in a section (a section being one day) but he tries to keep chapters normal sized for a fantasy book so that characters end up doing way way too much in one day. I know a lot of them go faster than normal humans but it is still absurd. They often travel farther in a day than I could in my car. Also, it isn't quite coherent with time as it switches chapter to chapter (and character to character).

Ok, I had my little rant about David Farland not knowing how much time is in a day. Other than that, the series is really well written with an original idea for magic. I like the series a lot (besides my little pet peeve) and anyone intrested in magic or a strange new fantasy type of slavery should check it out.




Hmmm...I was going to end there but I think I'll ramble a bit more. As to the characters, the main character, Gaborn, is quite a disappointment through all the books. Reminds me of Rand after tSR (whiney and non-decision forming). Iome, lead female character, starts out quite boring and almost just seems to be eyecandy but by the third book ("Wizardborn") she fleshes out to ALMOST be a decent character. Binnesman is the all out best character of all, a Gandalf type (the old mysterious man who leads our "hero" about and has cool powers). Raj Ahten, lead bad guy, starts out as one of those dark characters who could be evil or just the dark side of good but eventually chooses his side and in my view seems to contradict where he was going earlier, still is a very interesting character from his all out power. Last is Borenson who if you think of Lan, you have a pretty good idea, but unlike Lan he acquires a good wife. Unlike Lan though, instead of trials by fire turning him more into stone, he becomes a much weaker character in my eyes.

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