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Holes by Louis Sachar

Review by The Masterizer

Lately I've been collecting children's books galore and I came across this gem. I figure that with any children's book, if it was considered for the Newberry Gold and received rave reviews, it must be a good read. I was not disappointed.

No spoilers ahead, so you can keep reading.

Holes is about a boy that is put into a juvenile detention camp where the boys "build character" by digging holes. Sounds about as interesting as watching the grass grow, right?

Louis Sachar always manages to take a rather dull concept and twist it into something very readable. Holes is no different. It lacks the humor of the Wayside School stories but makes up for it threefold in plot development. You come into the book thinking that it will focus on boys digging holes and more holes and more holes, but it's much more than that. Within the few pages that he has, Sachar manages to tie in friendship, ancestory, a wee-little bit of witchery, and even manages to touch upon race relations.

The pacing of the book is nothing short of awesome. Holes moves along with brilliant energy and there is not a moment wasted. You want to talk about an author that can bring everything together and wrap it up in a neat little airtight package? Sachar does so in Holes. I think RJ could take a lesson from him.

Given it's a children's book, I won't dock for the ending.

***** for Holes. No words wasted and beautiful storyline makes this a definitely huge thumbs up.

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